Ralph Munn is entangled in a life-long love affair with Mother Nature.  Ralph by Susan BSays Ralph,

“In the 1980’s I began carrying a camera on my rock climbing and mountaineering adventures throughout New England and on trips to the American West. The unique perspective of looking down on a landscape which extended past the curvature of the Earth had a profound effect on my conception of the world, and I wanted to share that vision with others.”

More recently, Ralph has trained his sights on the intimate scenes of his native New England. Using tilt-shift and telephoto lenses and employing a variety of hand-held graduated filters, he strives to convey the grandeur he finds all around him while maintaining a sense of connectedness and immediacy.

“If you look at my work and don’t hear the corn stalks rustling or feel the dampness of a misty morning, I’m not doing my job!”

He is currently living in Charlemont, MA and is working on a long-term project of documenting the rural life of Western Massachusetts.