Adventure Sports

  • Fish Census Fish Census
    For some reason, this photo makes me want to hold my breath...
  • "Twice The Man..." "Twice The Man..."

    Whitewater canoeists sometimes disparage kayakers with sayings like, "Half the man, twice the paddle."

    It may not be justified, but there's something bold about going into heavy water with a single blade.

  • Emergence Emergence
    A kayaker emerges from a hole on the Deerfield river Dryway.
  • Focus! Focus!
    A good rapid focuses one's attention like few other things!
  • Into The Hole! Into The Hole!
    An inflatable catamaran dives into a hole on the Deerfield river Dryway.
  • Submersible Inflatable Submersible Inflatable
    Who says inflatable boats don't go under?
  • Green Mystery Green Mystery
    Sometimes it's hard for me to tell what kind of boat I'm looking at...
  • Green K-2 Green K-2
    A two-person kayak emerges from the foam of a rapid on the Deerfield river.
  • Dryway Raft Dryway Raft
    A group of kids gets a thrill courtesy of one of Charlemont's several raft outfitters.
  • Raft Abstract Raft Abstract
    Trying to capture the frenetic motion of a trip through a Class IV rapid.
  • Warship! Warship!
    This style of helmet makes me think a U-boat may be surfacing in our midst!
  • The Kayak Lesson The Kayak Lesson

    The first lesson I learned in whitewater paddling was,

    "Keep your eyes open, your mouth shut, and don't breathe unless you see blue!"

  • Kayak Abstract Kayak Abstract
    Paddling at temps well below zero has it's disadvantages!
  • Tour de Battenkill, 2012 Tour de Battenkill, 2012
    One of the Country's top road races, with pavement, dirt and monster hills. A "must see" event!
  • Wheels In Motion Wheels In Motion
    This panning shot evokes the ambitions of these cyclists in the Tour de Battenkill.
  • Head To Head Head To Head
    Two cyclists pit pistons and rings at the 2012 Tour de Battenkill.
  • Peloton! Peloton!
    Step aside, folks, The Business is comin' through!
  • Crack Climbing, Farley Ledge Crack Climbing, Farley Ledge

    Peapod Crack,

    Farley Ledge, MA

  • Trad Climb Trad Climb

    A beautiful trad line

    on the upper tier

    of Farley Ledge.

  • Sport Climbing Sport Climbing At Farley Ledge,

    Erving, Massachusetts.

  • Jonah on Afterburner Jonah on Afterburner

    A brilliant line up

    an improbable wall.

  • Afterburner, 5.13b Afterburner, 5.13b

    A difficult line

    at Farley Ledge

    in Massachusetts.

  • Eyes On The Prize Eyes On The Prize

    Setting up for a

    difficult move on

    Afterburner at

    Farley Ledge, MA

  • Bird's Eye View Bird's Eye View

    Afterburner at Farley

    Ledge, Erving, MA.

  • Steep Crimps Steep Crimps

    Afterburner, Farley

    Ledge, Erving, MA.

  • _MG_3514 _MG_3514
  • Crushing A Dwarf Crushing A Dwarf
  • Further Further
  • Final Throw, Iraqi Pants Final Throw, Iraqi Pants
  • Appetite For Destruction Appetite For Destruction
  • Tweeky Bird Tweeky Bird
  • Stereogram B&W Stereogram B&W