Little Things

  • Strawberry Leaves and Frost Strawberry Leaves and Frost
    An early November morning shot with my Sigma 50mm lens.
  • Little Red Mushrooms Little Red Mushrooms
    A nascent clump of wood-loving mushrooms, perhaps Armalarias, though they're a bit small to tell.
  • Dent de Lion Dent de Lion
    I love the miniature constellations within these seed heads!
  • Northern Pitcher Plants 1 Northern Pitcher Plants 1

    Carnivorous pitchers

    festoon this basic pH

    fen up in Rowe.

  • Chickory 1 Chickory 1
    Chickory, or blue corn flower, loves roadsides and waste areas throughout the Northeast.
  • Strawberry 1 Strawberry 1

    Wild strawberries wear

    a delicate November

    frost until they feel

    the sun's first rays.

  • Asiatic Lily 1 Asiatic Lily 1
    Taken on the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne falls, MA.