Rural Life

  • Goatherd, Plainfield MA Goatherd, Plainfield MA
    Michael up at Amanda Farm tends his charges lovingly.
  • Shelter From the Storm Shelter From the Storm

    At the Heath Fair, a sudden downpour halted the Tractor Pull and sent people scurrying for cover.

    Here, a young boy takes shelter from the storm by disappearing into the Heath Free Library tent.

  • Hay Ewe! Hay Ewe!

    In every flock, there's one who stands head and shoulders above the rest.

    Taken in the hills of Bernardston, MA

  • Hog Backs, Shelburne, MA Hog Backs, Shelburne, MA

    Spring hogs rooting for scant grasses in a barnyard in the Shelburne hills.

    I took quite a hit from an electric fence to get this one!